Update N° 001

Posted on August 19, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

We've been busy working on some new features for our website and blog!

  • 01. Our menu page has been updated with an image inspiration board of dishes that are usually available.
  • 02. Janaki is Le Marché's ambassador on Pinterest and her fantastic curations can be found here.
  • 03. We have added an official press page, which will be updated diligently.
  • 04. To join us for upcoming special events and promotions, our new e-mail newsletter will be the fastest way to learn about the happenings of our shop.
  • 05. Our Friends and Family links page has been updated and expanded.

We have new content that will be released during the week; and are really excited to share.

PS: The picture above is one of the first I ever took at our shop. I still love it today.