Remnants of Montreal

Posted on January 08, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

The holiday fever is officially a thing of the past. While I, like most, can't wait for the winter to go away in anticipation for the a brighter and perhaps, above all, warmer season, after seeing these images from Janaki's iPhone, I couldn't help but ask her to send them to me. Christmas in Vancouver usually leaves me unfulfilled. Deep inside, I need a Winter Wonderland. Granted, in the moment, sitting around the table with loved ones and delicious food, I'm not thinking about snow. Still, in retrospect, I know I need it. These photos made me wish I was with the Pascal/Roy family in Montreal, plain and simple. I'm glad they're home, and can't wait to continue what we started last year.

Photography | Janaki Larsen
Discourse | Luis Valdizon