Greybelle Tuumia Stool (Made to Order)

Tuumia (v): to ponder (Finnish)

These stools have been created with materials of age, texture and warmth.
Made with old fir beams that once supported a warehouse structure in  British Columbia, wool from Merino and Wensleydale sheep entwined in a felted or knitted cover, leather strips from my uncle's stable to bind and a hint of the char that forms to protect heavy timbers in a fire. 
Handmade. Approximately 9" x 11" x 17.5"t

Greybelle stools are now made to order. Please note that due to the difficulty in finding high quality vintage wood of the right size it may take up to 1 month for this product to ship (it usually takes less than 5 days). 

For people outside of the Greater Vancouver Area - contact for shipping options.

The photo shown here is the one stool we currently have in stock.

*This is a consignment item. Please see our FAQs page for return policies on consignment items.

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