a. Hand Made Spoon In Apple | NO.A

serving set — spalted applewood sourced from a retired apple tree, Okanagan Valley, BC

3.75" bowl - 14" long 

Kevin Wray Isherwood is a multi-disciplinary designer from Vancouver, BC. He has a background in fine arts and biology from Mount Allison University and completed the MArch program at UBC in 2019, focusing on local materials and building practices. His grandfather is a prominent outdoorsman with a passion for carving; his understanding of tree species, ecosystems, and carving techniques was invaluable to his upbringing on the west coast of Canada. The pieces Kevin creates are thoughtfully crafted, tied to a specific time and place, and are very much meant to be used. The entirety of the process, from sourcing materials to their place in a home, is carefully considered. Each piece brings its own history and character wherever it lands; use them to feed yourself and your loved ones well.   


Collections: CERAMICS

Type: Unknown Type

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