Janaki Larsen is a renowned potter currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She owns and operates Le Marché St. George and Atelier St. George. Her ceramics are often revered for their wabi-sabi nature and matte hues of blacks, greys, whites. Janaki fondly refers to these hues as her non-colours.

Here you will find limited batches of her pots, plates, bowls, and vases, as well as some multiples and sets. This space often houses her experimental and one-off pieces; because of this, there are often only one of each, and tend to sell out fast. We do our best to update this space as often as she has time to get her pieces out.

Each piece has been hand-thrown and hand-dipped. Janaki's ceramic forms are very expressive, so no two pieces look and are formed exactly alike. For those ordering multiples of one product, expect them to all differ from each other in terms of how they stack or how they look side by side.